Proposals for research projects:

  • Fixing Flaws and Stopping Draws: A new chess tie-break system based on directed network analysis  Link
  • Pluralistic Ignorance and Condom Use in South Africa  Link

Presentation at Oxford about refugees and social capital –  YouTube

Article in Tinbergen Magazine: ‘Reframing the Refugee Issue’  (page 36, Link)

My 60-second explanation for why economics matters on YouTube

The economics of ‘Cash for Cane Toads’: A textbook example of perverse incentives (article in The Conversation)

When I’m on vacation… An article about my chess-holiday in Greece  Link

“Smerdon’s Scandinavian” – my book about the chess opening system I developed  (Amazon Link and coverage in The Spectator and The Times)

The Light and Leadership Initiative, an outstanding grass-roots NGO in Peru that focuses on education of children in poverty  Link